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Combined Chocolates - Mother's Day Box 250g

This delicate Mother's Day gift is full of charm and magic. The Mother's Day Small Box contains a selection of our best chocolates to surprise your mother on her special day. This gift has been made in our workshop with the highest quality chocolates.

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sugar, cocoa paste, NUTS, MILK powder, liquor, BUTTER, emulsifier: SOY lecithin.

Nutritional information

Energy value: 2277kJ / 548kcal; Fats: 34.5g, of which: saturated 19.4g; Carbohydrates: 53.5g, of which: sugars: 49.2g; Proteins: 7.3g; Salt: 0.245g


We recommend storing chocolates in a cool (16ºC) and dry place, away from direct heat sources. A basement, a wine cellar or the refrigerator drawer are possible solutions, as long as you leave the products in their original packaging or tightly closed. It is important to remember that sudden changes in temperature are a negative factor that we must avoid, as far as possible. Keep in mind that the chocolates must be removed from the refrigerator with their respective packaging, about two hours before they are going to be enjoyed (20ºC), this helps their flavors develop. Accompany the chocolates with mineral water so that the flavors can be expressed. Our commercial advisors can provide you with information about the tasting when you place the order.

Additional Information

Inside you find an exquisite selection of raspberry and yuzu truffles. Raspberry Truffles are a delicious combination of creamy truffle covered in dark chocolate, with a touch of raspberry powder. As for yuzu truffles, they are made with this tasty citrus fruit that is perfect for the most demanding palates. Both flavors have a unique texture.

In addition, the white box contains combined pearls and a mini chocolate bar that perfectly complement the experience.

This variety of flavors and textures activate the senses. Likewise, it comes in an elegant and sophisticated presentation, which makes it an ideal gift for those looking for more than a simple gift.

The Mother's Day Small Box is unique and exclusive, it will undoubtedly surprise any mother and make her feel special. Express how much you adore your mother in a sweet and delicious way.

Celebrate Mother's Day with Bombonería Pons!

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